How To Write An Essay About My Senior Year

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In high school the senior year is likely the most exciting year of the entire high school experience. Although many people can say they have had a great experience, I can not. I struggled terribly during my senior year. I lost one of my closest friends and was faced with many challenging obstacles that I overcame. In the beginning of my senior year, I came in with a bang. Making good grades and staying positive throughout the year was my main objective. I chose to graduate early, so this was really everything I ever wanted. I did not have many friends, but I did have two named Shamari and Isreeal. Well at least one of them were. Shamari and I had been friends since we were little girls in elementary school. Isreeal and I were only friends for a year and a couple months. We would complete school work together and participate in after school clubs. Our friendship was filled with joy, it was like pure sunshine and …show more content…
I soon got the opportunity to sit in front of the superintendent and explain everything. She was not sympathetic at all, but she did give me a chance to prove myself. She gave me the opportunity to be homeschooled. I was excited and didnt turn down the offer. While being homeschooled, I began to feel down, because it was a lot harder than I had thought it would have been. Getting four classes worth of work done in less than an hour a day is not an easy task to complete. As a result of all this pressure I started to feel depressed. I talked to my teacher and told her how I felt about the situation. She was very understanding and was willing to put in more effort to get me through my senior year. After a couple weeks, I was back on my feet and in school with my peers. I was able to walk across the stage in my cap and gown after combating a major obstacle, and I could not have felt any

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