My Hero: A Short Story

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*Boom, boom, boom* The ball pounds against the ground then returns to the hand of the player. He looks behind his shoulder, only one second left. The player releases the ball from the tips of his fingers as it zooms towards the open man. He hops off the ground, ball above his head, perfect form. The sideline goes still. Watchful eyes of the fans gaze upon the drifting ball. “BWAAAAAAH!” The buzzer blares as the ball drops towards the rim. *SWOOSH*. The stadium erupts as the players run across the court, arms high up in the air. Although this story sounds amazing and almost dreamlike, a situation like that can occur often, and the only requirement is a little hard work. A normal person can become a hero in multiple ways by practicing frequently …show more content…
I no longer had to be fretful. All my work had paid off. Every practice, every game, every workout had lead up to this moment, and I did it! I made my school Basketball team. In fact, I made the B team, which means I ranked in the top 20-30 players in the seventh grade. I could barely fall asleep that night as my eyes remained locked open with exhilaration. Our coach congratulated us at 6:00 AM the next morning. From then on, our team would wake up at around 5:30 AM to go to our two hour basketball practice before school, then our coaches encouraged us to practice outside of school. Those practices taught me how to become a skilled and hardworking basketball player, along with a great teammate. I began to know my teammates better, which then helped us win almost every game of the regular season. At the end of the season, Highland Park Middle School (HPMS) reached the district playoffs. Easily, our team made it through the first few games, and to the championship. In all three championships, HPMS played Cockrill Middle School. By then, I had been moved down to C-team along with some other B-team players, but that didn’t stop me from dominating each game. I was motivated even more to take the championship from Cockrill. A-team lost their championship game, but B-team won theirs. Now C-team was

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