Essay on My Heart Leaps Up By William Wordsworth

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In Wordsworth’s poem, titled “My heart leaps up”, there is a line which might seem confusing at first glance: “[t]he Child is the father of the Man” (Woodsworth 62). Counterintuitive as it may seem, Woodsworth has touched on a surprising truth: just as parents teach their children by example, so can children teach adults, particularly in regards to virtue. Indeed, the three theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity can be more greatly perfected by interacting with children. Little ones view the world with innocence and wonder that fosters faith; they can recognise the glory of God in a universe that is still so unfamiliar as to be marvellous. At the same time, adults come to recognise in children the miracle of existence - a miracle they would do well to apply to their lives, so as to perfect hope. And finally, this sense of wonder allows children to suffer more perfectly; through this suffering, adults and children both learn to will the good of others more than their own good. By developing this sense of wonder, and in doing so, these three virtues, one can come to the same fullness of life that is often witnessed in children.
Infants and very young children hold a view of the world which, in itself, helps to develop the virtue of faith. In this stage of their development, often referred to in psychology as the ‘sensorimotor’ stage, children are trying to construct their knowledge of the world, and have no ability to think in the abstract; as a result, they tend to…

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