My Heart At Wounded Knee Essay

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
What is history? There are many definitions of what this word means on the internet and many definitions given by professionals. In the majority, they all coincide that history is the story of the past told or left behind by another person or people. In almost anything that is studied, if not everything, history always plays a major part. That is the case with this class, the topics have covered events that have happened during the past years with space exploration and what other events could become part of that history, like the missions to Mars, etc. The problem with history is, how it is told and by who. Interests are also needed to be considered. Space exploration is in many senses that new “final frontier” that we are trying to get to after the one that was “conquered” here on earth. This frontier that I’m mentioning is the conquer and almost complete annihilation of the American Indians.
The book I read was “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee” by Dee Brown. The subject of this book is basically a historical account of what the Native Americans went through during the expansion from the west and east of the United States. It explains all the horrors they had to endure done by these Anglo-Saxon people with “excuses” of how they were superior and needed to civilize the “uncivilized” just to get possession of the lands and riches the Indians had. The argument is to tell the story from the perspective of the victims. The book is based on many…

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