My Healthy Eating Journey

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Hey Everyone I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Mine has been pretty busy today. I wanted to get on here and make a post about my healthy eating journey. I know I had mentioned it in another post, but I thought that It was something that deserved its own post. I need to mention that I am in no way a health professional I am simply doing what has worked for me. Today I am starting to eat clean. I am not doing any set eating plan its kind of a mixture of what has worked in the past. A key point that I will be doing as well is portion control. Making sure that I am not having to much and not having to little. The biggest thing with my eating that will change is it will be minimal carbs, and sugars. My sugars will come from fruit, so …show more content…
I do my shopping at Fredmeyers and Costco. I buy about 95% of the meat at Costco just because of the price is usually cheaper. I will buy it time to time from Fredmeyer if its on sale. I buy steak, and Spareribs from Fredmeyers though. My fruits I buy from both stores it just depends if I am the only one who is eating it or not. In my house there is just me and my husband so our food lasts us quite awhile. Our meat lasts us awhile as well. I buy a 10b bag of chicken from Costco and that lasts us 2 months sometimes. We also use ground turkey we don 't eat red meat all that much. We do from time to time.

How I do my shopping is I go to the grocery store every 2 weeks.

I have a few boards that are dedicated to healthy eating on Pinterest that is filled with all kinds of different recipes. I will be organizing those more later in the week. I wanted to make this post because I think that it will hold be accountable. I plan on making an update maybe every week but probably more every 2 weeks. I can do what I ate type posts on the weekly basis. Maybe one post about what I ate that week and a quick update. If there are days that I just do not stick to it I will let you know because this is my real life and all I can do is my best.

My meals today have been pretty easy.
Breakfast I have 2 eggs with a 1/2 slice of melted cheese on each, along with a carnation breakfast drink and that was made with unsweetened almond
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The apples that I bought were smaller than I normally buy.
Lunch: Kirkland Turkey Burgar seasoned with salt free seasonings as well as a steam fresh bag of mixed veggies with a little bit of ranch on them. and a sugar free jello cup.
Snack: Nuts and a cheese stick
For dinner it will be spareribs not sure how I am cooking them yet. We will have a veggie, and some cottage cheese.
Snack: Some plain popcorn maybe or another apple. or something else that I can find. Not sure yet.

Other things that I do add into my eating is protein drinks, and smoothies.
** Like I have said before I am not a health professional I am just someone who is trying to get healthy and if you find my posts helping that is great if not that is also

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