My Hardest Failure

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My Hardest Failure to Deal With

Failure should not stop you from striving to succeed in what you want to accomplish. Failure should motivate you to get back up and try harder to get to your destination, don’t lesser yourself. For instance you wanted to buy the car you always want and failed on getting it, don’t lesser yourself and get the car you don’t want just work harder on getting the car you want be anxious for nothing. In this essay I am going to tell you how in high school many of my decisions led to my challenge of getting into college. I spend a great deal of time in my previous years not focused on my studies and not attending class. These poor decisions had later consequences that almost got in the way of me achieving my future
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I spend a great deal of time in my previous years not focused on my studies and not attending class. In my ninth grade year I had multiple problems. My mom at the time lived in New Jersey because she was a teacher there, so I would go visit her occasionally. Then I had medical issues I got very sick for a week stayed out the whole time. I also broke my arm playing basketball caused me to stay out. Some days I just did not feel like going to school, but I regret doing that because all my missed days added up to be 72 unexcused and excused missed days in all my classes together. At my school when you missed over 6 days in one class you to fill out a waiver and if your waiver does not pass you do not get credit for that …show more content…
I realized in my 11th grade year that I need to get the show on the road I need to do better. So my 11th grade year I was more responsible and I turned in all my assignments in on time I made better grades but not enough to get my grade point average up to where I wanted it. But I was juggling track in with my academics because I wanted to go to school for Track & Field I just needed a scholarship, but to do any college sport you have to have a 2.5 grade point average and I had a 2.3 at the end of my 11th grade

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