My Happiest Experience

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Five days. Five days is all it took to save me from myself. Five days in an anxiety ridden place. Five days separated from the stress. Five days apart from the place that I call home.
As you know, I am not always the happiest of people. The world can seem like a dark place and I don’t always know why. You have helped me in so many ways, and I am more grateful than you know, but, as you have figured out, one day it all became too much. The stress, the anxiety, the depression… it was overbearing.
That day I checked myself into an inpatient program, knowing I needed time to breathe and figure out a way to stop repressing my emotions. After all, this wasn’t the first time I was in this situation, but that story is for another time.
You met me in the emergency room and waited with me as they gathered my information. I don’t know if you knew how deeply frightened I was to be in this situation once again, I did wear quite the poker face. We sat and watched as other patients were processed through the system, and talked of the hospital as a machine, the nurses wearing just as much of a fake smile as I do on a regular basis. As they called my name and took me back and did their typical routine check-up, you stood by my side. You held my hand as I told the nurse what had happened prior to my arrival, tightening your grip as my voice quivered. You
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He was like a tractor, his actions and gestures were precise and automatic, his facial expressions seemed calculated. It all seemed to be routine, like he truly was a machine. I can’t remember him smiling once as he checked my blood pressure and temperature. He could tell I was anxious, even commented on it, and then sent another nurse to fetch me some food. I was brought a turkey sandwich with mayo and lettuce, a four pack of Oreos, and a chocolate chip granola bar. I couldn’t eat without feeling worse, so I asked for sleeping pills and knocked right

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