My Group Consisted Of Myself Essay

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My group consisted of myself, Kausar Uddin, Josh Samuels and Adam Doogan. After I formulated a rough idea of what film I wanted to make, we all pitched what we thought could have improved it from there, conversing about such things as to what extent of a relationship the lead characters have within the narrative. Early on, pre production, we did not distribute roles to each individual because we wanted everyone to share responsibilities; However, towards the end we agreed on roles based on what occurred in production. The idea behind not giving each other roles was to offer different perspectives, a new set of eyes with the desire to improve the final product. In a larger project, switching roles frequently would not work, but because we are a smaller production we had more time available to us. And as it is a film course, we needed to have a comprehensive understanding of all roles in the production of filmmaking available, so being flexible in roles allowed us to achieve that.

However, there were some responsibilities that members in our group partook in more than others, for example Josh and Adam contributed the most when it came to creating the storyboard. Myself, I wrote the treatment; and as for Kausar, he contributed with opinions now and then on the film as it developed from the exoskeleton it was, until it became the fully fleshed idea that the finished film indicates. But potentially the catalyst for many valuable discussions to be made within the group about our…

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