My Greatest Friend : My Best Friend Essay

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My Greatest Friend My best friend, my most memorable friend, and the most interesting “friend” has all been traced to the same person. This grand honor belongs to none other than the one and only Phyllis Law. She has this queer and awesome ability to lighten any mood and was never seen to be disheartened. Her mind was always operating and working, not on superficial tasks, but on a grand story of her life. Despite her somehow contradictory mood and personalities, she is able to penetrate deeply into the hearts of those around her and create friendships one would not expect to be born. Jokes and various tidbits of stories around the lunch table each day during elementary and middle school was enough for everyone gathered around to feel a sense of happiness. For some reason, the third word that comes into mind when I think about her is this strange word with such negative connotations. This word, “miserly.” There was once an English project in which we were to choose some words to describe ourselves and some words that others used to describe us. Remembering the gifts she gave, I jokingly told her that she was “miserly.” The rest of our friends joined in, and she acknowledged the word. At around the same time of summer each year, our little group of friends have a sort of party, called the New Uncby Festival. Officially, the motto is “we’ve had eNUF of school.” We would exchange gifts during this time, and no matter how little money Phyllis spends on gifts, (which seldom,…

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