My Great Uncle 's Life Essay

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sick and he spend a few month in there. When he was “cured”, the government sended him to work in an airline. In this new job, my great uncle start building up relationships outside of Cuba and saving money. When my Uncle gather enough money, he fled with his wife and two sons to Spain, where he lived peacefully until the cuban goverment found him and try to kill him and his family. He had to fled again, so he moved to Venezuela. After living there for three years the cuban government found him again, but this time my great uncle was ready. When two mens broke down into his house, my great uncle hide and wait for the right moment to attacked. He had a gun with him. He killed one of them, and the other one barely made it alive with a injured leg. My great uncle knew that he was in danger again, he needed to fled one more time. He fled to Miami, where his whole family qualified for the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, and they finally got the opportunity for a new beginning, a new peaceful and happy life.
It’s true that thanks to the Embargo and its new policy, my family got the opportunity to start a new life, but none of this awful persecution that they suffer would have happened if the Embargo was imposed in the first place. My great uncle’s experience it’s a great example to show what kind of things cubans have to live, do and risk to get out of the island they once called home and now call jail. Cubans deserve to be treated and have the same opportunities as most people…

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