My Great Family: The Story Of A Family Story

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My Family Story

If you want to meet an amazing family you 're reading the right story. The Mugg family is kind, adventurous, creative, athletic, caring, and sports loving people. A unique thing about my family is the males are the oldest in each couple. Even though we fight and yell a lot we all love and care for each other but we 're just good old folks, and that 's why I love the Mugg family and I will introduce you to them.

First there is my grandpa Peter mugg is a great grandfather some facts about him are 1. He was adopted 2. His birth family found him 3. He lived on a farm 4. He has driven bus for 41 years! Some activities he does in his spare time is watching sports and the Andy show and also watching his grandchildren play sports. Some memories I have with this person are watching baseball games, playing catch, and also going to quite a few car shows. I love gramps because he is funny and super supportive. Some likes and dislikes are. Likes are: Newspapers and being with family. Dislikes are: Dishonest people and rude people. How I would describe this person in 4 words are supportive, caring, helpful, sharing.

Next is my grandma Kathy is a great grandma because she spoils me and also always care for me when my parents are busy. Some facts about this amazing person are, likes to
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Facts about her are, she has red hair, has freckles, she has green eyes, and she is 6 years old. Memories I have with her are camping, swimming, snow games/sledding, and doing arts and crafts. I love her because she is my only sister. She likes, gymnastics, chocolate milk, chicken nuggets, and strawberries. She dislikes, lighting, spicy stuff, and spiders. If I had to discribe her using 4 words they would be, annoying, sharing, nice, and

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