Essay about My Grandparents Introduced Me Occupational Therapy

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My grandparents introduced me to Occupational Therapy. My grandma, having been diagnosed with a rare neurological degenerative disease, had a stroke that impaired her fine motor skills. My grandpa, although I was not alive at the time, was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre in his 50s and was told he would be paralyzed at midlife. I watched OTs rehabilitate my grandma after her stroke so that she could complete important daily tasks again, like holding a pencil and writing with clarity. I was fascinated to see how small weekly advances turned into huge progressions in a month. My grandpa’s experience working with OTs for a year resulted in him being able to walk my aunt down the aisle on her wedding day and go back to work as a machinist. Now, my grandpa is 89 and still walking with ease. Seeing how impacted and grateful my grandparents were for OTs, motivated me to pursue a career as an OT.
Over the years, I have had the chance to be involved in a variety of opportunities that have strengthened many attributes that will allow me to be a compassionate OT. For four years, I worked as a teacher assistant at a daycare, which taught me about child development and enriched my communication skills, patience, and exemplified my leadership capabilities. Noticing my adaptable qualities, my boss had me work with all of the children. Whether it was helping infants learn how to grip a spoon to eat lunch or teach a ten-year-old how to read chapter books and write stories, I was able to…

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