Essay about My Grandmother 's House - Original Writing

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The usual smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and the aroma of homemade cooking are regular thoughts when thinking of my grandmother’s house. I remember feeling the warmth of her house in the brisk, early morning when my mom dropped me off at her house. The home always has a welcoming sense that I am overwhelmed with when visiting. My grandmother’s house, my second home.
A small, multi-colored brick house is where my memories take place. This old house has a treacherously huge hill; this hill has hidden patches of muddy brown puddles everywhere! A dangerously curved gravel driveway can be found dividing the hill into two; the snake-like driveway leads to the side of the house. You can almost always find my grandfather’s 1980 Mustang collecting dust in the driveway. An abundance of leaves and trees cover the plush green lawn. One rose bush appears in the background, near the back of the house, to complete the painted picture. Although the outside of the house is large, the inside is very small. Grandma’s house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. She has a small kitchen, so it is gets stuffy and uncomfortable when the whole family comes to eat for Thanksgiving. The walls have multiple stains from wear. There is a different color rug in every room of the house. Grandmother always has her house appropriately decorated according to the season. The neighbors grasp in aw every winter at her impressive Christmas décor. The house seems to have a room temperature of 100…

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