My Grandmother 's Birthday Celebration Essay

722 Words Aug 28th, 2015 3 Pages
I was fortunate enough to attend my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration recently. My family has designated the weeks around her birthday as the time for family to come from all over the country and celebrate the woman we love. This year was particularly valuable to me as I was not only able to see my grandmother turn 90 surrounded by the ones she loves, but I was able to use the skills and information I have obtained from my time at Nebraska Methodist College.
After the first few days of visiting with my grandparents, I was feeling uneasy about their health and living situation. My grandmother seemed frail and struggled to get around without assistance from family. Furthermore, I had growing concerns regarding her clarity after hearing her speak of past occurrences as though they had happened yesterday. I was particularly distraught after hearing her ask who the woman in her kitchen was and turning to see my mother, her oldest son’s wife of 45 years. I struggled with how to approach my father about my observations and was further conflicted on if I should talk to my grandfather about her health. My grandmother has always been a strong, proud, vibrant woman, having raised 9 children on a huge acreage in Minnesota while her husband traveled as a pilot. She has always been a role model to me and that made her seemingly unbreakable. My grandfather adored my grandmother and their children making him a great role model for his 8 sons and daughter, all of who are…

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