My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

1548 Words Sep 15th, 2015 null Page
I was up in the city visiting my Grandma playing cards when her phone began to ring over and over again. Grandma finally went to go check it when she noticed she had 7 missed calls from my Dad. Why was he trying to get ahold of us so bad? Grandma stepped outside to call him back while I shuffled the cards for a very long time. When Grandma walked back into the living room she had a very weary look on her face. “Your Mom was just rushed to the hospital because she was coughing up blood.” Grandma told me as her voice cracked with every word. I looked up in shock and immediately asked if we could go see her. She replied saying Dad didn’t want me there because he didn 't think it was that big of a deal. I was shipped to my aunt’s house while Grandma went to the hospital. Come to find out, her left lung had collapsed due to it filling up with two liters of fluid. She had to stay in the hospital for three weeks while the fluid slowly drained from her body. I was 10 years old at the time and going from seeing my Mom every morning and night to not seeing her for three weeks was devastating. And I had yet to see her since she went into the hospital. I missed her more than I could ever dream; so much that I ended up crying in the middle of school one day. I was extremely embarrassed but it just sort of happened. My teacher sent me to the counselor who called my dad, who was currently with my Mom. He told me everything was fine and she’d be coming home soon. However, he sent one of…

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