My Grandmother Is A Woman Of Strong Opinions Essay

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My grandmother is a woman of strong opinions, when (CS; opinions, and when) my siblings and I were young, most of her strong opinions was aimed squarely at us. She thought my mother was too permissive, allowing us kids to say, do, or decline to do far too much. In reprimanding either us or our mother, her favorite phrase was, “Back in my day, children just weren’t permitted to…,” and then she would start on her long list of grievances. I always vowed I would never be that way, full of unsolicited criticism about the behavior of other people, but I have indeed become that person I’m now the one judging the conduct of my fellow citizens because in this modern age of casual behavior, good manners seems to be at an all-time low. Many of us fail. To offer others basic verbal expressions of courtesy, teach our children how to behave in the presence of others, or treat those who work in the service industry with respect. The most obvious evidence of a decline in manners is that simple oral niceties are becoming less automatic than they once were, one expression of respect that is absent from many vocabularies is please. Adding please to a request for someone else’s time, assistance or possessions. Can help ensure that you get what you need from that person. According to etiquette expert Julia Flowers, failing to say please is an indication that you feels (SVA; feel) entitled to be accommodated and is likely to result in a lack of cooperation from the other party. Another…

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