My Grandmother And Mother Told Essay

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As a child race was something I did not really recognize. I am not sure when race started to become such a noticeable thing when seeing people. I noticed as I got older my parents and the rest of my family started to hint more to race. Them hinting to race and race related topics probably happened when I was younger too and I just could not understand at that time. Race, as I started to understand the concept, was always used as a reason or justification for events and the way the world was and is currently.
It was utilized to explain why some people were better educated, had certain things, and did certain things. When I was young I was taught unintentionally by my family that blacks are expected to be sturdy. Blacks are expected to fight for what they want and to stand up for themselves proudly. I think prime examples of this are stories my grandmother and mother told. My grandma always recites a story about how a white woman intentionally ran over her feet with a shopping cart and how she found her and extracted revenge by doing the same to her.
My mother always tells the story of her time growing up in Englewood and getting beat up by other kids at school on her way home. Finally, after several times of running home with kids hot on her trail, my mother’s aunt told her “You better learn how to start fighting back because next time you get beat up I’ll whoop you and really give you something to cry about.” These stories are only two that taught me that blacks were…

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