My Grandmother And Grandfather - Original Writing Essay

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I grew up in a huge house filled with strange men who lived secret lives in their upstairs rooms. They came and went through the front door. From my room, I could hear them walking up and down the stairs. I saw little of them. I lived downstairs with my grandparents, in my own room. There were dancing girls on the wallpaper. They wore pretty dresses. I would study the wallpaper, looking at its slim figures in pretty clothes. Grandma often told me I looked like a kewpie doll. I doubted I would ever look like one of those dancing girls.

My grandmother and grandfather had a special language. I used to hear them arguing in it. I eventually learned that granddad is Greek and that he taught grandma how to speak Greek. They won 't teach me. It 's for their private business. I had to go to church sometimes, but once I knew I was Greek I decided to pray to Zeus and be a heathen.

At mealtimes, I sat at the table with my grandparents. First served was Grandad. "It 's out of respect," my grandmother would say. "Men first, women and children second." I would watch with interest as the meals were placed on the table, granddad first and then grandma. Granddad would glare at me with big angry eyes and his thick hairy eyebrows would knot. "Don 't stare, it 's rude," grandma would say. Then I would look everywhere else. I tried as hard as I could but my eyes always followed the plates of food until I was given mine.

I always went through my meal with a fork. You never knew what might be…

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