Essay about My Grandfather : My Paternal Grandfather

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The first person I chose to interview was my paternal grandfather. I felt that my grandfather had an interesting insight and perspective on death due to his age and culture. Typically in the Hindu faith, the eldest son takes care of the grandparents up until death which I have witness first hand. Other cultural expectations led my grandfather through intriguing and difficult experiences with death. His first experience of death was a rather drastic lost in his nuclear family. His father was a doctor caring for Tuberculosis patients when he contracted the diseases himself and passed away when my grandfather was nine months old. Although the loss of a caregiver is quite drastic, he remembers very little and stated the loss as a fact without any intense emotion. I found this interesting, yet not surprising. Losing a head father figuring is seen as traumatizing to older individuals; however, younger children do not attach the strong emotional connection to the death that others do. I did notice how he emphasized the stress the death caused on the family of eight for his widowed mother. In addition, when I asked the question, he shared an intense emotional experience that occurred when he was eight. His mother’s coworker came to their house shrieking that her only bread winning son had died in an accident. Her sudden outpour of grief shook and startled him enough that he began to hallucinate about death, ghosts, and demons causing him to seek comfort in his mother. I found this…

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