Essay on My Grandfather And Father 's Life

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Statement of Purpose
My grandfather and father were physicians and as a consequence, there was always an influence on me to be the next generation physician. We had a family garage, where my father and I used to repair our old-modelled motorcycle together with various other broken domiciliary machines and passed hours there. I was fascinated and excited by all these equipment and the idea of being an engineer in the future had peeped through my mind several times. But those could never surpass the family influence. The entire story suddenly changed in the time of high school, when one of my aunts fall victim to cancer and suddenly I was frustrated to find that there was no remedy for this disease. She was treated with radiotherapy, which is not of course a medicine rather an engineering innovation. At that moment, I figured that engineering is not merely about machines, it is about human and life too; just like physiology. That was the first blow to my mind to rethink about my future plan. After a few years, my father had a massive heart attack. Doctors decided to set up a ring or a pacemaker, also an engineering innovation. These two events have compelled me to change my path and become an engineer, especially related to machines. Then I decided to become a mechanical engineer or a closer discipline of it. I started to work heart and soul to enter into the best engineering school in our country and eventually secured a position in the Department of Naval Architecture and…

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