Essay on My Grand Adventure Of Hawaii

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My grand adventure to Hawaii had already begun many hours ago at the airport in L.A. Not every amazing adventure starts with a blood pumping start; sometimes it’s the quiet starts that are the best trips. The plane was quiet as everyone slept their way through the flight. The only sounds heard were the gentle hum of the plane and the soft footsteps of the flight stewardesses. I was still awake looking over the expanse of the ocean seeing nothing but the waves in the water and the occasional cloud float by with it all being illuminated by the glow of the moon. As we approached the island of Maui I could see the lights lining the shores like little lightning bugs. The plane had begun its decent onto what already looked like a beautiful island even though most of it was shrouded by the night. It was so late at night that it felt like even the airport was sleeping. It was wide open with must have been a small fraction of the normal foot traffic and noise that would normally permeate an airport. I had to rub the sleep from my eyes as we moved along through the airport and I can scantly remember what happened. It started with my family and I standing on the moving walkway, steadily moving down the stairs to the baggage claim, checking bag after bag until we found the right bag, waiting for the bus to the rental place and getting a rental car, and then finally arriving at the quiet hotel room. I could barely set down my luggage and as soon as my head hit the soft white pillow I was…

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