My Graduation Year Of High School Essay

763 Words Dec 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I did not know that four years in high school could change a person as much as it could change me. When I first entered high school as a freshmen, I expected my high school years to be like what I witnessed in movies and television shows; I was somberly wrong. Over the past four years, I have experienced heartbreak, misperception, and self-doubt. However, I am thankful for these seemingly hopeless situations because they have shaped me into who I am today. When I started out my freshmen year of high school, I had one thing on my mind: Madeline Maynard. As the years progressed and the situations played out, I learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life. Relationships with other people, an increase in academic difficulty, and an increase in freedoms have changed me from who I was my freshmen year of high school to who I am today in my senior year of high school. At the beginning of my high school years, my physical appearance started to change and my personality started to come out of its shell. Upon this happening, I caught the interest of someone whom I had liked since we were kids. Patrick Hodges and I dated throughout my freshmen year and sophomore year. It was not until our relationship came crashing down that I realized that I was not the person who I wanted to be. After we broke up, I got a view of who I was and did not want to be and a view of who truly had my back. Two years into high school, I had to learn to trust myself above anyone else. Coming from…

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