My Good Friend, Nelly Meyer Essay

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The person I chose to interview for this paper is my good friend, Nelly Meyer. She has been working at the Arc in Iowa City. The Arc is a non-profit agency that serves families with services and programs for children with disabilities. What she does for work is she will get assigned a certain child or adult with disabilities and go meet with them and take them out to do activates around Iowa City. For example the other day she took a three-year-old named Jackson, to the children’s museum. These services are only a couple hours or so that allow for the children to be able to interact with another person than their families.
This organization is really amazing in many different ways it helps people with disabilities to be able to have fun, learn, and engage in something they normally don’t get to do. Right when Nelly told me she was working here I was very intrigued. It is fascinating that there are people that do this for the community. Nelly has been working there for just about a year now, and has loved everyday that she has worked. She has developed friendships and experience with each person she is assigned too. But there is one in particular that she talks only great things about, his name is Jackson. It is truly inspiring every time she brings up his name her face lights up, and you can tell that she really cares deeply about this child.
When she first started out she was working there to have a good experience field for her resume. She never knew that she would love…

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