My Goals Of The Education Specialist Program Essay example

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At the beginning of my journey to receive my Education Specialist degree, I was very apprehensive about whether I should begin or put it off until a later date. Personally, I wanted to prove to myself that I had the ability to do the rigorous work to gain my EDS degree. I would have never imagined that I would have gained this much amount of knowledge over the past year.
A little about my background would be helpful in understanding how I determined my goals of the Education Specialist program. After receiving my B.A. from Brenau University in 1995, I began teaching at South Hall Middle School and took on many teacher leader roles. Once Chestatee Middle School opened, I moved there and became the cheerleading coach. In 2002, not only did I graduate with my Masters from North Georgia College and State University, but I had my first child. After staying home for seven years with my four girls, I went back to work at Lakeview Academy teaching social studies. Having been home with my kids for so long, I knew I still had the skills to teach, but I wanted to improve my own knowledge of the educational system to help me become a better educator. When it was time to continue my own personal journey into becoming an Education Specialist, I was very unsure of myself. As I began classes, I realized I had missed out on years of educational changes. I decided I needed to have a better understanding of the profession and to become more of a teacher leader. My goals were to become more…

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