My Goals Of My Educational Career Essay

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Throughout my years of education, my success in learning has changed drastically. I take great pride in where I am now considering where I started. Learning is different for everyone, and it’s our own job to figure out how to make it work for ourselves. My educational career has been a journey of learning how to learn.
Just like any other baby, my parents taught me everything. Also, being their first child, all of my parent’s attention was on me. I went into kindergarten well prepared because my parents taught me everything I needed to know to be your typical kindergartener. But when first grade rolled around, it was evident I was struggling. I can vividly remember several embarrassing times that I lay on couch in my first grade teachers classroom just sobbing in confusion. Why couldn’t I read the way all my friends could? I didn’t understand why I had to pick my library books off the kindergarten shelf when my classmates got theirs off the first grader shelf. When I started bringing home failed math work sheets time after time, my parents knew something was wrong. I couldn’t pay attention to lessons the way other students could. I couldn’t read at the level I was supposed to because I couldn’t comprehend. I wanted so badly to learn, but I simply couldn’t learn at the same level as everyone else I still remember being frustrated and terrified by these machines that beeped and flashed lights at me when my parents brought me into testing for learning disabilities. I wanted…

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