My Goals : My Time Management Essay

1576 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
The most important aspect about my life that I believe needed to be changed in order for me to succeed in accomplishing my goals is my time management. For so many years I’ve struggled with being able to get to places on time. I learned that once I actually started to acknowledge and care about my bad habit was the only way I would be willing to change it. Working on my time management was hard but not nearly impossible. I had to change my outlook on certain things so that my mindset would be prepared and ready for change. I believe I was successful in working on my time management. I now find myself early to events then rather late or on time. Although I may still arrive late to events every now and then I will never discredit myself due to my willingness to change and understand that no one is perfect. This experience has given me self-hope that life can change through self-awareness and consistent practice simply because I watched my bad habit unfold and disappear through my hard work and determination.
I learned that consistency is an essential part in wanting to change my behavior in order to become successful. Small changes play a huge rule in accomplishing your goals because starting off small was the easiest way to prepare myself for change. I started slow by waking up thirty minutes extra to make sure I have breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is the most essential meal for the day so I felt having that nutrition will give my body the push it needs to have…

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