My Goals In Education And My Philosophy Of Education

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My philosophy of education is that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and is capable of learning when provided a sufficient learning environment. A teacher’s job is to provide a student the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in an ever-changing and growing society. I believe all children deserve this opportunity to learn regardless of their ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or any other factors that play a role in a child getting an adequate education. My goal as a teacher is to provide students a learning environment that is innocuous, stimulating and challenging to them, yet fun and intriguing. I plan to have a classroom in which I serve as a guide to students, helping them to discover things about themselves …show more content…
I believe that education should focus entirely on the student and not on the teacher or specific content area. The teacher should serve as a guide in the classroom, helping the students to figure out what interests them and use these interests to solve problems. In my classroom, it will be my goal to present material in a way that will allow students to think critically. Teachers should not tell the students everything they need to know—instead they should challenge them to discover answers to problems on their own. It should be a teacher’s goal to aid her students in becoming independent, while also helping them to develop social and communication skills. The role of the student is to be involved in every aspect of their learning and to be an active participant in working to find the answers or solve problems. Alongside their teacher, I believe that the students should discover what needs to be learned and have a “say-so” in the way in which they are taught. Students should be involved not only in deciding what they want to learn, but they should be involved in making all decisions in the …show more content…
I believe that students learn best when they can connect their content to their everyday life and situations. For example, in teaching my students modern literature, I would allow them to read about something they are passionate about or write about an issue that is prevalent in the world today. I also believe that teachers should not only teach the explicit curriculum, but they should also make time to incorporate some of the null curriculum into daily lessons. It is important that students know the basics of evolution and about different controversies that impacted our world. This will allow students to be knowledgeable of all aspects and to develop their own opinions within

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