Reflective Essay After Having A Peer In My Class

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In Composition One we had many goals that we learned and worked on throughout this semester. In our essays you can see how much we have changed and how much we have learned. My writing has improved greatly while there is still a lot of room for learning and growth. While writing can be a challenge, I just need to work hard. Writing isn 't one of my strong topics, but I have improved a lot on these goals.

The first goal was to demonstrate effective writing as a recursive process, meaning that we needed to revise our work. In my This I Believe essay after having a peer in my class edit, I used their feedback the next day and fixed errors that I missed. I used their comments on where I should put commas and also grammar errors. Being able to
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We read many books that we also wrote papers about. I compared Station Eleven and Fahrenheit 451 in my Literary Analysis paper. I took quotes from both books making my comparison of them stronger. ICEing is a technique we use when taking quotes from books. It means that we have the introduction to the quote, we cite the quote, and then we explain the significance to why we have it. While reading all of our books this semester we kept a reading log. These reading logs included page number, a quote, and our comments on what we thought about it. Having these reading logs made it easier when we wrote papers because I was able to go back to them and use the quotes that I wrote down in my essay. For example in my Evaluation essay I used the quote, “If we believe that murder is wrong and not admissible in our society, then it has to be wrong for everyone, not just individuals but governments as well. And I end by challenging people to ask themselves whether we can continue to allow the government, subject at it is to every imaginable form of inefficiency and corruption, to have such power to kill,” (Prejean 130) to help strengthen my standing on how court trials are sometimes not holding the accountable person for the

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