My Goals For The Massage Therapy Career Essay

1068 Words Feb 14th, 2016 5 Pages
It has been one month into the semester since the break and it has just been quite intense, but I think compared to last semester the pace is understandable. After the first semester ended and with New Year’s just passing, there was a lot of self-reflection and evaluating of what I needed to improve on, to start doing, to stop doing, etc. Even as I go day by day in semester 2, I see things that I need to make adjustments in and make little improvements on in order to make myself a better student and a better person for the massage therapy career. Despite the fact that I felt like I achieved the goals I set for myself last semester, I know there is always new things to learn and things I can build on from my previous goals. So in addition to my previous goals, my new goals for semester 2 are:

To be more confident in my abilities and in myself overall
To improve my time management skills for both personal and school aspects of my life
To participate more in activities and in lectures
Ever since middle school, self-confidence is something I really struggled with. I feel like I’ve gained more self-confidence over the years, but I’m still trying to overcome it. It’s very hard for me to take compliments or encouragement because my confidence in my abilities and in myself is that low that mentally it’s hard to uphold what people positively say about me. Then there’s also the issue of taking negative comments to heart. I have slowly learned to accept what negative things people…

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