My Goals For My Mentor Principal Program Essay

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If I could narrow down what I’ve learned so far in this principal program and spending time with my mentor principal, this would be the question or statement I would summarize it in. Being a principal, and a teacher, you always have to think about the students. They are, after all, the reason why we are here. They are the reason we have a job. This program has made me a far better teacher, so I can only assume what kind of administrator I will be one day. It was hard to only choose five essential characteristics, but I’ve chosen trust, communication, change agent, instructional leadership, and listener as my top five characteristics of an effective and successful school leader. These, among others, will be my focus if I move into an administrative leadership role.

Personal Platform
I was raised in a teacher family. Meaning my aunts were teachers, my great­-aunt was a teacher and professor, my mom was a teacher’s aide, and my family made me swear I would never be a teacher. Well, unfortunately for them I knew I was going to be a teacher when I was in 3rd grade. As I grew up, what I wanted to be took many different forms ­ veterinarian (I decided no because I could NEVER put an animal down), a nurse (my anatomy class showed me I couldn’t stand the sight of blood), and an event planner (party life!), but my junior year of college I came back to teaching. I tried to change my major, but that was a resounding no from my family, and since they were footing the bill, I…

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