My Goals For My Life Essay

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What is a goal? Many people question themselves what their goals are and what they want to succeed in life. Goals are the future you wish to endure and accomplish. They effect people in a way that makes them determined and confident. You set goals in life to live up to your own expectations and be proud. Everyone has them either big or small. Also, they can be a part of your dreams. Dreams that you could’ve had as a child and they develop as you grow older.
Goals are a huge part of my life. I’ve had many growing up. When I was little, all I wanted to be is a veterinarian because dogs are my absolute favorite thing in the world. That dream ended after finding out that vets have to put dogs to sleep and perform surgery on them. As my life went on, my goals moved to sports. I played basketball on weekdays and weekends. I played it on my off days and I loved it. When I got to middle school I set a goal that my freshman year of high school I would try make the varsity team. In seventh grade, I played travel ball and school ball. A month before the school season started, I was playing in a tournament one weekend for my travel ball team. There I was, running up the court and something terrible happened. I fractured the tibia in my left knee. From that injury, I had to sit out of the whole school ball season because I couldn’t play. It was painful to watch, yes, but I survived. This affected me because I can’t run fast anymore to put major impact on my knee. My goal was crushed like…

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