My Goals For A Healthcare Professional Essay example

732 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Ever since I was five years old, I desired to be a healthcare professional. My aspirations have never altered, because I am still determined to reach this goal despite the obstacles that I have faced. Whenever I face any difficulties, I always try to kept my career and life goals in mind. For example, when I did not get accepted into the college that I desired to go to, I was extremely disappointed. However, I did not allow my feelings of disappoint to deter me from applying to other excellent institutions. Thus, I made the decision to apply to Spelman College, and this was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. What I learned from that experience is that I should never doubt my abilities, and I should never give up on my aspirations. Further, even though I have various goals my ultimate purpose is to impact others through my career. Therefore, since my overall goal in life is to use my knowledge and skills to enhance the life of others, I decided that a career in healthcare is the best choice for me. I believe that the healthcare field is amazing, because medical professionals are able to positively impact the lives of so many people. Having the ability to touch the lives of people all over the world is one of my goals, because I know there are a plethora of people in the world that are in need. Therefore, I do not only want to practice medicine in the United States. I aspire to extend my future knowledge and expertise to countries all over the globe. Being a…

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