My Goals As A Teacher Essay

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KEEPING REWARDS AND CHALLENGES IN SIGHT 2 There is a specific moment when I can see it; it is in the eyes, I can almost see the wheels turning inside their head, followed by a click of understanding. Then I realize that a student finally comprehends a concept. Seeing that twinkle of understanding makes me smile every time. Teaching brings with it rewards, but it also drags along is challenges as well. Working as a teacher, I see myself encountering the rewards of understanding, seeing the results of hard work, and being blessed to personally continue learning. On the other hand there will be such challenges as keeping students engaged, refraining from solely teaching for the test, and promoting parental involvement. Keeping both the rewards and challenges in mind throughout the year will encourage and prepare me to accomplish my goals as a teacher. Being the person to help someone understand; there’s nothing else like it for me. Perhaps one of the greatest intrinsic rewards for a teacher is the opportunity to open the eyes of another person to the wonders of the world around them. It is one of the rewards I look forward to, and I am not alone in that aspect. More than 80% of teachers are in the field because they simply enjoy teaching (Kauchak, Eggen, 2014, p. 5). As a teacher you become an enabler, and I love being able to motivate those that for some reason believe they cannot. To help convince someone of their…

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