My Goal Of Being The First College Graduate Essay examples

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“If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing.” This was the response that I gave, when asked to provide my favorite quote for college graduation. I decided to live by this, when moving from Arkansas to Pennsylvania to attend college. It was a major risk considering that I knew no one, but I craved a different atmosphere. My goal of being the first college graduate in my family led me to make such risk-taking decision. Being exposed to different cultures, natural environments, and challenging disciplines and research in my undergraduate studies, has driven me to narrow my career path to urban development with an emphasis in environmental sustainability and community development. Originally from Sacramento, California, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a diverse community. Such exposure to beautiful cultures and the values that defined them sparked my interest in observing interactions between individuals within different communities based on demographics like race and ethnicity, population size, and socioeconomic status. What I found most memorable when moving to Arkansas at thirteen years old was the surrounding natural environment. For the first time ever, I found inspiration and spirituality in nature- from hiking, to fishing, and kayaking; it was both physically and mentally gratifying. It was this point in my life that I developed an interest environmental stewardship. A slower pace allowed me to become more conscious and appreciative of the environment around me.…

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