My Goal : My Goals Essay

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"Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation (pin).” This quote helps me boost my morale when something goes wrong, and I go back to edit my three goals in life I want to achieve the fact is I have been accumulating these goals during the years. My goals are different from other people yet they are important to me, and I will explain the reason why I chose these three goals well writing. My first goal is to finish my college degree in Business Administration, my second goal is to travel the world, and my third goal is to adopt a child.
Getting my college degree is my first goal because with that I will be able to achieve my other goals and make new ones. This goal comes with some benefits that I appreciate like the college education better people skills, a better knowledge, better pay, it open more opportunities and doors in a professional level. Another thing I defined as a benefit is that I will be about to help my family financially and they will be proud of me achievements because in my family both my parents did not finish their education. The highest level of education my parents had was Elementary school, so my parents always push us kid to get a better education. In my family of five I am the only one that has a high school diploma so the decision of advancing in my education has not been easy because I cannot ask my family for help.
With a career I will have a good job that…

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