Essay on My Goal For The Future

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My goal for the future is to obtain financial stability. The thought of being able to purchase what I want or need without having to check my bank account is reassuring. It would also bring me a lot of joy to help my family financially. I would help pay off their debt and buy them what they deserve, which is one of the main reasons I want financial security. Additionally, at some point in my life, with financial planning I would not have to work as hard and worry about my future. I equate this goal of financial stability to living like the one percent of U.S. citizens, rich beyond belief, and not having money worries. The main motivation to achieve this goal is to help my family. If I attain this vision of wealth, I can help ease their financial woes. If the outcome is different I will face my family’s disappointment. The thought of not having a good paying job after years of working for a college degree would be unacceptable. I would have to return to my Grandma’s house with my twin Aunts and constantly be questioned about why I haven’t been able to obtain a higher paying position. So, while my motivation is to help my family financial, there is also an underlying motivation, which is mostly for selfish reasons. My future successful scenario, 10-20 years down the line, will include an apartment in Tribeca, New York. It will be a grand apartment with floor to ceiling windows, framing a panoramic view of New York. Of course it will include luxurious, high quality, custom…

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