My Goal For The Behavior Change Project Essays

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My goal for the behavior change project was to lose ten pounds by the cutoff date. My three short-term goals were losing two pounds, five pounds, and eight pounds. Looking back on these goals, I wish that I would have chosen better dates for these to be completed by. My original long-term goal was to lose twenty pounds, which now seems almost impossible due to me not being able to lose ten pounds in a few months. I was also unable to meet my three short term goals. Although I was unable to reach my goals, I do think that the goals I set for myself were realistic, and if I had been more serious and strict on myself, I would have been able to reach them.
The obstacles that I wrote down originally were fairly accurate, as well as other challenges that I did not originally predict. My first obstacle, which said that I barely have time for homework, let alone exercising, was the obstacle that I was able to overcome the most. I forced myself to stay on track when given class time to work on homework, which made a drastic difference in the amount of time I had once I arrived at home for exercising. One obstacle that I was not able to predict was the two-week-long visit from my aunt and her two children. During this time, we ate mostly unhealthy foods, and they stayed in the room that has the exercise equipment, preventing me from being able to use the treadmill or weight bench. I also regained the weight I had lost, as well as a few extra pounds. My two other obstacles concerned…

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