Essay about My Goal For My Freshman Year Of College

1066 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
Goals are important when someone wants to be successful in life. Whether it be getting good grades so as to accomplish the goal of getting a scholarship, or even just finishing a book by the end of a week, goals help set us up for success. Freshman year of college is said to come with its fair share of challenges. With the help of goal setting, I hope to make some of the challenges less daunting. My goals for my freshman year are getting into the habit of studying more during first semester, obtaining a 3.0 GPA first semester, and making my long distance relationship work through college. These three goals will take hard work and dedication, but the result in the end will be worth it. My first goal is to get into the habit of studying more during first semester. This is an enabling goal for a long term goal of being a better student. When I get into the habit of studying more each day, I will perform better on exams. This will lead to better grades and thus, a higher GPA. To accomplish this, the first step will be building in an hour and a half into each day of the week to study. This means I will study for my five classes or focus on one class in particular that may have an exam coming up. The next step will be to form a study group with some of my classmates from my four classes. This will help to remember the information better because having to explain a topic for a class such as Psychology 120 will make my brain retain it. An obstacle that could interfere in achieving…

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