My Goal As An Educator Essay

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Approach to Teaching
My main goal as an educator is to ensure maximal student engagement and learning every day. However, in order to do this, I must be committed to my students in their learning. Specifically, being committed involves knowing my students, implementing research-based strategies and constantly assessing my students using formative and summative methods. To effectively perform all items mentioned above, I must plan, prepare and reflect daily.
Knowing my students is essential to the teaching and learning process. With this in mind, I always give my students a survey to complete the first week of school. The survey is designed to obtain a better understanding of likes/dislikes, weaknesses/strengths, prior knowledge/past experiences and personal preference learning style. I use this information to address the following: assigning cooperative groups, incorporating topics of interest and to capitalize on my students’ strengths and nurture their weaknesses. I also send home a survey for my parents to complete. Many parents possess interesting careers and/or skills that are valuable to student learning. As a result, it is important to utilize their knowledge and skills. For instance, we highlight a science career each month. If one of my parents or someone in the community possesses this particular career, I allow them to present/share their expertise, skill and/or job with the class to enrich the lesson and to expose my students to different career…

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