My Goal As A Leader Essay

1574 Words Apr 19th, 2015 null Page
My first goal as a leader is let followers keep the passion for the work, even if sometimes we may meet difficulties. I think passion is the very important factor of the plan, it will along with all of us for the whole work process. The most significant effect is that passion can determine the attitude of everyone for the work. For example, passion can make us have a good condition at the beginning of every day’s work. Most of the people must feel that they are more energetic at morning than at afternoon. So if we have the good condition at morning that can make us more efficient. On the other hand, I think passion can make us stronger when we face difficulties. Because when followers don’t have enough passion to the work, if they meet difficulties, they may give up with a high probability. Passion can support followers to face difficulties and cross difficulties, even if they may tired and use lots of time, followers are willing to keeping working until solve the problem. My second goal as a leader is let followers have a good cooperation during the work. The relationship between followers is very sensitive, followers always feel uncomfortable to some conditions. For example, some members don’t attend meeting and have a negative attitude to their work. For another example, the leader meets a follower alone frequently, it can cause other followers suspect whether they have some strange relationship or something unfair to them. The examples I mentioned, above can make the…

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