The Importance Of Having A Dog

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I wasn 't a girly girl I 'm a tomboy no matter how much my mom wanted to change me. Every year in October we would go out of Michigan to Tennessee, where my grandpa lived and then we would go hunting, but this year was going to be different because this year I was going to get a dog to bring with me.

“Please I really want one and I can take care of it.” ,I said

My mom argued , “You can 't have a dog I won 't let you your not responsible and dogs mess up the house and they... take lots of care.”


“No buts there will be no dogs in this house and never will be.”

Then dad cut in which he always did when we were fighting and he usually took mom 's side.

“Maybe we should get her a dog she can teach us she 's responsible and it can help her..” He chimed in.

Finally he took my side.

“Fine but if you 're going to let her get a dog, then she has to work to get it and she has to pay for the dog, food and vet.”

That was the end of that and I would start working tomorrow even though I didn 't think many people
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I woke up at nine and mom and dad were already up and ready to go when I came downstairs. she asked if I was ready and I said yes and we left for the pet store, but the whole time in the car she kept saying are you sure you want a dog and it 's not too late to turn around and buy something else. When we got to the store I walked right in and knew what puppy I would get he was a rust color and had brown eyes daddy said that he was a lab and they were good for fetching ducks. When I went over to the cage though I saw that there were two of them the other one was the same color but had one blue and one brown eye. I couldn 't just leave one behind so I asked and daddy said he didn 't care it was my money and mom of course said great now we are getting two of

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