My Future Goals Essay

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My future goals are: to graduate from a four year university, become a history or language arts teacher ,and write a few series as a creative writer. I’ve always wanted to write stories as a child, and my mind has been teeming with all sorts of ideas for stories that just need to be put on paper. For teaching, at first I wasn’t interested in it because there wasn’t much out of being a teacher but, when I was later taught by some of the best and caring teachers that taught us both about life and our course, I was inspired to reconsider and possibly be a teacher myself. Graduating from a four year university gives me more knowledge for my future goals. Graduating from a four year university would give me a boost in skills necessary or helpful …show more content…
I love writing because you can just freeflow for a while and then, after a while come up with something you can either continue or discard. I’d also love to teach students because of the many different ways that teachers can impact them. Sure, you can just give them some assignments, a few tests, and give them grades but, what if you helped them do so much more in life? I want to inspire them, give them something more to believe in, a reason to make school fun and another reason to look at the world in a new light. I just want to be a teacher to educate the youth about life, and an author to write some random works that people can …show more content…
The first reason I need to graduate from a four year university is because the teaching and writing degrees you get from there can make a difference in getting hired, and how much you get paid. The second reason is that learning how to teach, how to run a classroom, and how to use proper grammar and writing skills will help me on my career pathway tremendously. Staying at a university also serves as foreshadowing of how it’s like in the real world and what you need to do in order to survive and prosper. Graduating from a four year university would give me experience in my fields, what it’s like to fend for myself, and to get degrees that can make a difference in getting a job or not.

The O 'Melveny Scholarship Award will mean to me hard work, and commitment to getting it done. Getting a scholarship like this is no easy task at all, but if you’re absolutely determined to get it then it’ll show a lot. Doing the essay is one part of the challenge, and the interview is another part with both requiring that you put in a lot of effort to get there. Being committed to it means that I won’t give up so easily to attempt to get the scholarship and that I will sacrifice a little to get it. The O’Melveny Scholarship Award means to me hard work, and commitment in accomplishing my

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