Essay about My Future Career Plans After High School

753 Words Jan 17th, 2016 4 Pages
When the time came to think about my future career plans after high school, I was still unclear as to what I wanted to do. During my compulsory years of education, I discovered something that I loved and was very good at doing; drawing people, places and things. With this discovery I began to take just about every class in high school that dealt with my new found niche. After high school, I entered college and majored in architecture. It was an area in which I believed I would be happy with and was confident that I would succeed in making it my career path. During the summer break of my fourth year in college, my financial situation took a turn for the worse and I needed to find a job to supplement my income. Before I knew it, I accepted a position as a 911 dispatcher for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department in Indianapolis. I would have never of thought that I would have grown such a passion for police work in such a short period of time but I did. Every aspect of the job was new, interesting and exciting to me. When it was time to return back to college, I had realized that although I was great in the architectural field that I had first chosen to accomplish, my love and interest in police work was greater. After having been a 911 Dispatcher/Supervisor for almost ten years, I have finally returned back to college, but this time with a special interest in criminal justice/criminology. Within the criminal justice field you will find the study of crime and the criminal…

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