Essay about My Future Career As A Teacher

1548 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Over this past semester I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge and experience that I can and will use in my future career as a teacher. I attempted to use the knowledge that I had learned in class in my field experience at the Tri-County Career Center to improve on my teaching skills and overall professionalism. In retrospective, I feel as though I have really made some progress as to becoming a teacher but there were areas in some of the teaching dispositions that I need more improvement on. I will address both my strengths and weaknesses in each of the four teaching dispositions that we have discussed in class in this paper. The first teaching disposition that we talked about in class regarded high expectations for students and teacher attention to issues involved in social justice. I definitely have learned a fair amount of content that can be related to this first disposition in my two education classes. The first thing that came to mind was whenever we talked about universal design for learning in class. Prior to this semester I had never event heard about it and now I feel very comfortable implementing aspects of universal design for learning in a classroom. As a matter of fact, I even tried to implement it into my lessons. I started off with one of the more seamless options by just trying to give the students more options and choices on how they work; whether that being individually or with a group. Although that may not be the most powerful example, I…

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