My Future Career As A Healthcare Professional Essay

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In my future career as a healthcare professional I need to remember to keep myself as objective as possible while still showing my patients the respect and care that they deserve. I have to take a firm stance on directing my patients’ treatments, but I also need to remember to be empathetic of their individual situations. This most effective method is adopting a rational-emotive outlook to patient-physician relationships. The rational-emotive approach to emotions means to fill oneself with “rational thoughts and self-talk,” (185) in other words, to adopt a mindset full of “positive thoughts and helpful constructive criticism.” I cannot hope to counsel my patients on how to live their lives if I myself am struggling with my own advice. To a quote from a great doctor, “you cannot preach about solutions [to your patients] that you yourself do not believe in.” In order to give them reassurance that their present conditions will improve I need to be at peace with myself, to believe in what I am saying.

As with any other person, healthcare providers may find themselves caught in a cycle of “irrational thoughts and negative feelings” caused by work stress, personal issues and more. Thoughts such as “am I good enough” or “am I really meant to be doing this is my life” only serve to inhibit one’s personal growth. Although it is regretful that not every sick person who walks through the hospital doors will necessary walk out any better, one cannot let this reality drag us down. Too…

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