Emi's Relationship

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“Friendship is as delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks.”- Waqar Ahmed. The relationship between my cousin Emi and I have been broken and repaired too many times in our short lives. Emi is only one year younger than me and we have been friends since forever. When we were younger, we were inseparable. Our families went every together including restaurants, church, and amusements parks. We commonly talked on the phone until we both had cell-phones then we text all the time. We mainly had a lot of face to face communication. During our friendship none of us went to the same school. We spent all the holidays with each other and we did all the kid things that was possible to do. I was sitting with her on …show more content…
A competing or dominating style is when the friend cares more about their own interests and does not care very much about the other person’s interests (233). Cousin Petunia only cared about her activities. She would talk my ear off about the drama in her school, social media and the latest fashions. When I would talk about music, film or TV shows, she would be pseudo listening or in other words, pretend listening. Sometimes I would not mind, I understand, sometimes I talk nonsense but I really wanted to hear deeper problems with her. I wanted to know her internally and externally. I wished we did tried collaborating style because that could have saved the relationship. Collaborating style is when both friends care about each other interests (234). I honestly believe if she listened just once or just showed a hint of being interested in my hobbies, our relationship would have been stronger. That little hint showed me that she cared just a little bit. Sometimes, I think that if I expressed my feelings towards our relationship, I would not have been treated horribly. We are both guilty of giving each other the silent treatment, which is not effective way to solve problems. We would literally not talk to each other and pretend we did not know each other, until I stepped up and became the bigger person. We both acted the problems we had, did not exist. Like nothing ever

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