My Friends At A Young Age Essay

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When you first see Olivia Tourney you might see her beautiful brown eyes or her silky hair. When you get to know her you will see her kindhearted sweet personality. If you call her at any time of the night she will answer and help you. She has a very close family with two brothers and two happily married parents. She cares about them very much. She goes home twice a month to see her family and her dog Cinderella, because of the care for her family. We spend a lot of time together doing school work or watching movies. We have gotten very close in the short amount of time I have known her. I am lucky to call her my friend by her willingness to help me with anything I need. I hope we continue to be friends outside of college since Portland, Maine and Douglas, Massachusetts are very close.
Although it might seem like it Olivia does not have the perfect life. She has had some very controlling ex boyfriends. Also, an eating disorder at a young age. You probably never noticed this before just like I didn’t when I first met her. One thing we have in common is we are very good at hiding what is bothering us. Since I do the same thing I make sure everyday she is okay. We do this for each other so we have gotten very close in the short time I have met her. We trust each other. Everyday we spend most of the time together. We both wake up go to our 710am classes. Go have breakfast then nap before our next class at 1130 am. Often after class we will continue to hang out and do our…

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