My Friend Jordan Hartman Is A Layered Man Essay

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My friend Jordan Hartman is a layered man, many times people see him as the peevish guy who walks malcontent and frivolous through the hallways of the YMCA; however, those few who know him well, see that Jordan appreciates strength and independence, he exalts his mind and his body sonorously. Everyone recognizes him as the man with the colossal hourglass body, for he works ebulliently to maintain the impeccable shape of his robust shoulders and the immense ego that fits perfectly with their volume. Surprisingly, he carries out his life in a discrete manner; his name is technically unknown to people, even old co-workers shrug when Jordan Hartman is mentioned; they recognize him as “Tito,” the name destined to him by the old band clique of his high school years. Although His physic makes him slightly fearful, Jordan possesses a silk-soft heart; his deep, raspy voice speaks concisely and confident, making his words hefty and trustworthy. More than prideful, Jordan Hartman is a strong and independent man who encloses the softness of his heart within his bulky hardcover.
Jordan, the man with the sugary-brown skin who wears the same red watch to every event he assists. The redness of the watch resembles the velvet color on Jordan’s copper skin after his daily band-instructing hours. The watch is a corpulent box with fine, filled edges, embracing Jordan Hartman’s saturated muscles. The belts firmly hug

thick wrist with its smooth leather, like the way Tito’s veiny hands wrap…

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