My Friend And A Disneyland Trip Essay

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. We all lose friends; it is inevitable. Despite our efforts, friends drift apart and move away, or we merely find other social groups that suit us. During this time, we may remain close friends or distant acquaintances with one another. We may even experience an outfall due to an argument or betrayal. In rare cases, unforgiveable actions thrash the line of friendship. Depending on the situation, every individual acts differently. Burdened by low self esteem and eternal struggles, various individuals act irrationally and behave in an inappropriate, impulsive manner. In a recent life-changing experience, one of my former friend’s mental obstacles clouded her judgment and shattered the bond we and another friend shared together. However, we must realize that while personal problems are crippling, we cannot lack the control and maturity to overcome our problems and approach situations reasonably.

For her sixteenth birthday, one of my best friends at the time, Clarissa, treated my current best friend Allison and me to a Disneyland trip. Giddy with teenage excitement, we spent three days together, and we felt closer than ever. We were practically roommates. We were sisters. Alongside one another, we learned scads about each other, and it was obvious that many people will come into our lives, but only the special ones will leave footprints on our hearts. Enlightened by the presence of others, we learn many concepts from our friends as we encounter their…

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