My Freshman Year By Nathan Essay

1053 Words Apr 17th, 2016 5 Pages
In Nathan’s article, my freshman year, she keeps her primary focus on how international students interact with American students and the distinctive type of relationships that they build. It is quite strange to foreign students from Japan, Germany, Korea, England, and China that Nathan has interviewed about how non-committed American students are to the foreign students because Americans students do not socialize as much, and have a tendency to spend more time alone. Also, they will make small talk rather than being close friends or let it develop into more. At that point, Nathan turns her center towards the difference between a relationship and friendship between American and international students. After interviewing international students with different background and how they interact with their American roommates and the connection that they bond. Also, American student’s family is a separate subject from school but for international students, it is something naturally integrated into their social lives which is why they care so much about their parents (Nathan 73). Furthermore, she discusses how many international students make clarifications about how different students look and the lack of attention that they give their professor compared to in their home country. Nevertheless, once international students become friends with American students get to be with them, and share a common interest, international students can acquire a lot about American society…

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